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MARMADUKE'S SAD DEMISE: Will nursing suit you?

Welcome to the Worcester Values Exchange! We use this website to help student nurses think through ethical issues - if you are accepted into the University you will use this site regularly.

We strongly recommend that you register for this site and respond to this Issue (once in, click the Question Mark on the Think Screen for a tutorial - just use the ideas that help you express yourself and write as much text as you can). Once you have said what you think you can see what other nurse applicants, nurse students and practicing nurses think - this will help you work out if nursing is for you. You are also welcome to respnd to other issues on this site and make connections - you may present this as evidence of your desire to be a nurse.

Josephine is a frail elderly lady who is being treated for pneumonia (lung and breathing problems) in the hospital where you work as a nurse. She is making a recovery and has a good prognosis (forecast to get better).

However, she seems very anxious and keeps asking about her cat, who has been left in the care of the neighbours.

You enquire with the neighbours about the cat - Marmaduke - and sadly they tell you that he was run over and killed this morning. They beg you not to tell Josephine about this because they fear it will set her back and make her not want to recover. They think the shock might be too much for her in her condition, and you know that bad news can cause relapses for physical problems like pneumonia.

You go back to the ward unsure what to do for the best. Josephine calls you over and asks you directly, 'Please nurse, do you know how Marmaduke is?'

What should you do? Do you agree or disagree with the proposal below?

Note: to give your answer click RESPOND. This will take you to the THINK SCREEN. Here you can choose some ideas to support your answer.

IMPORTANT: there is no need to select every idea. Answer THE BASICS then two or three choices at the other two screens should be enough, though you are welcome to use more. Please make sure that you use the boxes where you can type to explain your thinking as fully as you can - how do you feel and what are your reasons for your choices?

SOME BACKGROUND: www.wikihow.com/Break-Bad-News; www.aafp.org/afp/2001/1215/p1975.html

Good luck!

It is proposed that you tell Josephine the bad news immediately

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